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Painting Dire Avengers

Primed Black
Primed Black with Vallejo black primer and Badger Patriot 105
with zenithal
Zenithal sprayed using Minitaire Skull White and Badger Patriot 105
Basecoated Lagoon Blue
Base coat of Minitaire Lagoon Blue using Badger Sotar
Citadel Celestra Grey brushed on
Citadel Celestra Grey brushed on, Citadel Nuln Oil brushed into recesses.  I used a fine detail brush to apply the Nuln Oil in the recesses of the torso.


Nuln Oil Wash
Nuln Oil Wash – here I used a wash brush and washed the entire model in Nuln Oil

I noticed that the Minitaire Lagoon Blue is kind of ‘slick’ in that the Nuln Oil seemed to slide off the raised portions easier than when washing a model painted with Citadel base or layer paints.



30K Contemptor Dreadnought – painted in airbrushing class  Dec 2,3 2016

Excellent class taught by Caleb Wissenback and Kat Jackson.  Class was held at the Badger Airbrush factory in Franklin Park, IL.  Started with zenithal highlighting, some color theory on why it’s important to prime with black primer.