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Starting 30K Emperor’s Children

I’m beginning a  pre-Heresy 30K Emperor’s Children army using the models in the Betrayal at Calth box.  Pre-Heresy meaning this is when the Emperor’s Children were still striving for perfection in all things and before they were corrupted.

I primed my models black then base coated with Naggoroth Night using my Badger Patriot 105 airbrush.

Base coated with Naggoroth Night


Zenithal highlighting

I did some Zenithal highlighting using Minitaire Snow White and a Sotar 20/20.

Xereus purple over Naggoroth Night


Painting Eldar Biel Tan Guardians (Part 2)

Guardians complete 1
Guardians complete 1
Guardians complete 2
Guardians complete 2

These are Eldar Biel Tan Guardians that I completed just as the Fracture of Biel Tan was coming out.  I’m glad that the events in that book didn’t make my growing Biel Tan force obsolete!  In the past I’ve always been happy with just painting my bases Goblin Green.  With my Dark Angels I started using  the Citadel Armageddon Dust texture paint with a dry brush of Citadel Tyrant Skull.  For my Biel Tan I’m going with a mixture of static grass and sand.  The sand is neutral so the white armor of the guardians stands out and touches of grass tie in nicely with the green of their helmets and the stripe on the top of their shuriken catapults.  I have another Eldar force that I haven’t used or even looked at in years where I used the traditional method of painting spirit stones with lackluster results.

With the Biel Tan I’m using the new gemstone technical paints over a base of Stormhost Silver.  The gemstone paints are like a thick wash that dries glossy.  They’re quick and easy to use and look great to me.