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Tyranid Gargoyles

I painted these  tyranid gargoyles primarily with my Patriot 150 airbrush.

I started with a white primer then airbrushed the blue using Citadel paints watered down 2 parts water to 1 part paint.

Tyranid Gargoyles

After the blue I airbrushed the edges, the carapace and the bones in the wings purple.

Tyranid Gargoyle

Finally I used a standard brush to paint the weapons bone, the teeth, tongue and eyes.

Battle Recap – Tzeentch vs Dark Angels

This is not a battle report.  Hence the title ‘Battle Recap- Tzeentch vs Dark Angels’.

A battle report would or should be a turn by turn telling of the tale of a game.

This will be  a much more summarized version.

I played Dark Angels with Forces of the Imperium (2 culexus assassins, Yin and Yang.  )

Culexus assassin Yin
Culexus assassin Yin

Culexus assassin Yang
Culexus assassin Yang

The game was 1890 points,  I had 2 Ravenwing Attack squads, each with a combat bike, one with a stock landspeeder and 1 with a landspeeder Vengeance.  I also had a Deathwing formation consisting of 2 squads of 5 terminators, (4 plus sergeant), each with an assault cannon and a squad of Deathwing Knights with 6 Knights plus the Knight Master and 1 level 1 Librarian in terminator armor with force axe.   I also took the Silence Squadron.

My opponent had Magnus, a Demon prince of Tzeentch, 3 squads of 3 terminators each with at least 1 sorcerer.

It was the eternal war mission Emperor’s Will with Hammer & Anvil deployment.

My opponent set up first, 2 squads of terminators on his right flank, 1 on his left, Magnus and the demon prince up center.  I deployed an attack bike and the stock landspeeder on my right and the landspeeder Vengeance back on my left.  I infiltrated Yin 18 inches behind his 2 squads on his right flank and Yang in the center of the table 18″ away from Magnus.  I scouted one attack bike up center and the other one with the stock landspeeder scouted up my right flank towards his single squad of terminators.

I failed to seize and he took his first turn.

Magnus did a lot, he Doom Bolted the Landspeeder Vengeance, penetrated and blew it up.  He killed the attack bike in the center of the table, gained a boon in the form of a Spawn.  At the start of my turn I had 4 units on the table, I was down 2 units and he was up 3 (the spawn and some summoned demons).

I moved up the right flank, Yin moved up and ran within 12″ of the 2 terminator squads with sorcerers and Yang tried to get within 12″ of Magnus and failed.  In the Psychic phase Yin used his Animus Speculum and killed a terminator.  Landspeeder and attack bike failed to hurt the terminators on the right flank.

His turn…not much was happening Magnus and the terminators on the right flank shot at the attack bike and landspeeder, took a hull point off the landspeeder and killed the attack bike.  My turn the Silence Squadron failed to come in but the Deathwing did.  The knights came down right center in his deployment zone, 1 squad of Deathwing scattered into terrain, 1 of the clumsy sods failing his dangerous terrain test and fusing with a rock.  The other squad came down left center near his terminators on my right.  I killed all but his sorcerer on my right flank, Knights moved to my left, Yin was in assault with the 2 terminator squads on the right.  This assault went on for 3 more rounds before Yin lost his last wound.   From this turn on, the adage “40K is a dice game” burned me bad.

Magnus beamed the Dark Angels Deathwing Knights – I failed 2 of 4 3++ saves.  Yin died in his turn, allowing the Knights to assault one squad of his terminators in my turn. The Knight Master hit with 2 of his 4 attacks, failed to wound with 1 of them even though he only needed twos to wound.  The 4 Knights hit 5 times with their 12 attacks on the charge and killed 2 terminators.  Yang killed the spawn from the first turn.

By now there were flamers, another Herald and Seekers, pink horrors  summoned.   The Silence Squadron came in turn 3, took 3 wounds off Magnus even hitting him with the rift cannon , but again I rolled a one to wound, causing no damage.  I was rolling a lot of ones that afternoon!

Magnus got a wound back which my terminators shot back off leaving him with 2.  In a fit of desperation Yang assaulted Magnus, survived the first round with 1 wound but failed to wound Magnus in return.  My librarian and terminators assaulted Magnus, survived thanks to their invulnerable saves but also failed to wound, my other squad of terminators failed their charge.

Magnus wiped one terminator squad and the Librarian, the seekers finished off the Knights.  All I had left were 3 terminators, 3 planes.  Called it there.  The Dark Angels lost.

I like the assassins.  Not sure how to use them effectively though.  It was an enjoyable  game.  It would have ended much differently if I could roll twos or better when I needed to!

Biel Tan Vyper

Vyper was primed with  gray Stynylrez from Badger.  Then sprayed with Citadel Warpstone Glow watered down 1 part paint, 2 parts water.  Highlighted with Citadel Warboss Green also watered down 1 part paint , 2 parts water using Badger Patriot 105 airbrush.  Final highlight was Skarsnik Green applied with brush.

Vyper without thorns
Vyper without thorns