Necron Overlord Djetari of the Leytek Dynasty


Before Djetari became a necron, he was a necrontyr of considerable skill.  While his tactical and strategic abilities were not the best his ability to inspire was superb.  He gathered a great host, more warriors and veterans than any other of the Leytek aristocracy.

Neron Overlord Djetari
Overlord Djetari of the Leytek Dynasty

He organized his hosts units he called ‘Centuries’.  A century consisted of 100 rank and file soldiers, 25 veterans armed with Gauss Blasters and 25 veterans armed with Tesla carbines and their associated vehicles.

Necrontyr to Necron

Djetari’s charisma was diminished during the transformation from flesh to living metal.  However the vast numbers of warriors and Immortals keyed to his control made up for the loss of his inspiring presence. Having hosts of undying soldiers at his command also made up for his lack of strategic skill.  He could afford to send wave after wave, rank after rank of warriors at his foes.  His Immortals could target key objectives while his warriors kept his enemies busy.


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