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Ferratonic Reactor WIP

unprimed ferratonic reactor
Unprimed Ferratonic Reactor long-wise

Side View

I’m really fascinated with the compatibility between GW terrain kits, particularly of the Sector Mechanicus line. I saw this in the March 2019 issue of White Dwarf and knew I had to build one. It’s a simple build and the step by step instructions in White Dwarf were very clear and helpful. All that is required is one Ferratonic Furnace kit and a Haemotrope Reactor kit.

I have no idea what a Haemotrope is, but I like the big Mechanicus skull on one side of it. There are 2 Haemotrope reactors in the kit so I used both of the skull-sides on my Ferrotonic Reactor. I’ll make a single Haemotrope reactor with the other 2 sides and some green stuff to the top of the pipes at the base as there’s a gap.

End on View

End-on view of Ferrotonic Reactor
End-on view of Ferrotonic Reactor
Primed Reactor
Primed Reactor

Now that it’s primed I’ll do a heavy wash of Nuln Oil Gloss then some dry brushing of a light gray or pale wytch flesh. Next the pipes and metal details will be picked out before a last wash of plain Nuln Oil.

Finally some weathering and maybe a few mechanicus decals.