Enginseer Garik-Z of Kaiyune IV

Garik-Z Adept Unusual

Even as an acolyte it was clear that Garik-Z would not follow the typical path of  a tech-priest.

Many thought he would study under the biologis because of his work turning criminals under an Imperial death sentences into servitors. The speed and accuracy of his mind wipes was often remarked upon by his mentors. In addition the servitors he turned out did not have the usual physical trauma and were able to be reprogrammed and repurposed more quickly.

These skills served him well in the decades he spent creating and maintaining the 83rd Skitari cohort. The Alphas he created had the highest survival rates of any cohort. His refusal to share his methods with his mentor lead to his being ‘loaned’ to the Dominus tasked with expanding Kaiyune IV’s Kataphrons.

The Dominus recognized Garik’s skills and gave him free rein to do as pleased. This suited Garik fine and he quickly set to work. Eager to test new ways to to remove conscious thought but retain any innate aggressive behavior, Garik was soon requesting the most violent and psychotic criminals.

He was extraordinarily successful in this endeavor. The Breachers and Destroyers he created sped across battlefields to close with the foe.  They were among the most merciless of the battle servitors ever created.  Where most Kataphrons were effective at destroying the enemies of the forgeworld, Garik’s were efficient as well.  Other Kataphrons could destroy a tank or breach a bunker.  Garik’s Kataphrons would destroy the same tank faster with less force giving them more time and ammunition to destroy another tank.

Having increased the efficacy of Kaiyune’s Kataphron cohorts Garik turned his attentions to also increasing their survivability. Before he started working on making Kataphron’s more survivable they were often treated like throwaway forces. They were simple and cheap to replace after all, there was plenty of hardware on Kaiyune IV and the only flesh parts needed were half a torso, spine and brain. Garik was able to imbue or nurture some inborn cunning in his Kataphrons. Those that survived one fight were increasingly more likely to survive another.

Indeed it was a phalanx of these veteran Kataphron that excised a Tyranid infestation on the moonlet Mera-X-178. Mera-X-178 was a mining planetoid that also produced a protein rich lichen in the mines. 800 of Garik’s Kataphron were deployed, over 500 of them being veterans. The newly minted ones were sent into the mines to purge and drive out the termagants and hormagaunts. The veterans remained on the surface and wiped out the broods of Carnifexes that were wrecking the preprocessing plants and other hardware.

Using a variety of tactics such as goading the Carnifexes into rage-filled charges only to be cut down by flanking fire of Heavy Grav Cannons or slamming into the flanks of the Carnifexes with Arc claws and Cognis flamers. Rapidly changing tactics and constantly on the move Garik’s Kataphrons were able to obliterate the Carnifexes before the unseen Hive mind could adapt to their tactics.

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