Mephrit Dynasty Tomb Stalker

Building this was fun. I haven’t built a Forgeworld resin model in a year or two. It felt good to be working with it again. To get the pose of the Tomb Stalker curling up and over a piece of terrain I used some green stuff in the joints along with Gorilla Glue Gel. I find the setting time of the gel is quick enough to work with my level of patience to hold pieces together.

unprimed tomb stalker

One of the personal highlights achieved while assembling this, I glued all 20 legs on without getting any super glue on my fingers. In fact I also glued on the 20 tertiary limbs sans glued fingers! That’s not quite as impressive as it could be, I used tweezers to position those little resin hooks.

However I did glue up the old finger-onis pretty thoroughly attaching the mandibles, manipulators and gauss slicer claws.

Tomb Stalker after lead belcher basecoat
Lead Belcher basecoat over Stynylrez black primer

Painting, I primed it black with Stynylrez primer through my Patriot 105. I love Stynylrez, it goes on smooth, matte and is just a pleasure to apply. I then applied GW Air Lead Belcher and that’s what you see above. The Lead Belcher looked a little dark to me.

Tomb Stalker after Game Air Silver

To lighten up the Lead Belcher I used Game Air Silver though my Sotar 20/20. Next I sprayed some Troll Slayer Orange down the center spine and on the gauss slicers, again using the Sotar.

Tonb Stalker with Burnt Umber shading

The last few steps involved spraying Burnt Umber artist ink along the edges of the Tomb Stalker and underneath it to add shading. Then I cleaned up the orange overspray on the head and applied energy effects to the gauss slicers.

The finished model on it’s base, I don’t expect the antennae to last long! They’re just slivers of resin with very little contact area with the head of the model. They look pretty cool though.

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