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2nd Van Saar Champion

Starting from a Grey Seer primer I’m focusing on brush control and paint thickness.

1st Stage

I’ve washed the model with watered down Agrax Earthshade to help pick out the armor plates and other details.

I used a Citadel small layer brush. Choking up close with the brush I’m relatively happy with my control. The leg and boot armor look pretty good to me. However the left shoulder plate seems splotchy. I believe a 3rd coat is required.

Left Side

From this angle green looks good. I’ll have to look more closely to see if the area just above his left hand is a lower armor leveland should be green also.

Painted 2nd Champion
Painted 2nd Champion

Pretty happy with the color application, really need more work on flesh and faces!

Van Saar Leader

Van Saar Leader , primed, green added

Early Stages

I primed the model with Contrast Gray Seer primer. I was going to try contrast paints but I didn’t find the ‘standard Van Saar’ colors available.

The Gray Seer was so light it was hard to see a lot of the detail so I washed the whole model in a very watered down Agrax Earthshade.

This stage is the 2nd coat of Kabalite Green. Very messy. I’m not particularly proud of my brush control. I haven’t painted much in the last few months so I’m trying to awaken some forgotten muscle memory.

Van Saar Leader - later stage

Later Stage

Here the base colors are added, a wash of Nuln oil applied. The flesh was painted Rakarth Flesh, washed with Reikland Fleshshade and highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh.

The Pallid Wych Flesh looked a little too stark so I added another wash of Reikland Fleshshade.