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Skitarri Vanguard squad Xzel-Sht1

Lead by Alpha YDM-6 squad Xzel-Sht1 has been built and rebuilt dozens of times. Their battle engrams are extremely aggressive. Their aggressive nature often overriding the minimal self preservation protocols in the Skitarii cohorts of Kaiyune IV. YDM-6 always lead the squad closer to their foes to maximize the lethal effect of the yellow radium in their weapons.

The Catacombs of Abersim

A cohort of Skitarii including Xzel-Sht1 went to the Abersim system when tithes of heavy metals didn’t arrive at Kaiyune IV. The mines were busy. Workers went into the mines and heavy metals came out of the mines. The magos in charge of the cohort entered the refinery that separated the heavy metals from the less useful minerals and never exited it.

Threat protocols snapped into place and the cohort stormed the refinery. . A search for Magos Borl turned up nothing. YDM-6 ordered a full spectrum scan of the refinery. A faint binaric signal was picked up. It appeared to becoming from some distance below the refinery. A new search revealed a hidden panel in the floor. Opening it revealed controls that caused that section of the floor to sink rapidly beneath the refinery.

Beneath the refinery

As YDM-6 and Xzel-Sht1 sank deeper and deeper underground the faint binaric signal grew stronger. The floor stopped descending revealing a vast corridor. Strange Xenos constructs were disassembling the torso of Magos Borl.

Necron Wraiths

Xzel-Sht1 opened fire on the creatures, having little effect on them. YDM-6 changed tactics and ordered the squad to focus their fire on 1 of the creatures. Metal shards flew from the creature until it fell inert on the ground. The other 2 constructs turned from the sparking remnants of the Magos and flew at the Skitarii. Quickly the squad changed their target to the closest of the remaining monstrosities destroying it seconds before its flashing claws reached them.

The final creature crashed into the squad, it hacked an arm off the closest skitarri while another claw pierced the chest of another. YDM-6 stepped up, his power maul slamming repeatedly into the xenos construct or whirling to catch the deadly claws and keep them from the rest of the squad. YDM-6 swung his power maul up and pounded what he thought were the creatures eyes and then instantly dropped to the ground.

Within microseconds of slamming the creatures eyes and while he was still dropping to the ground the remaining squad members opened fire , dispatching the strange serpent like machine.


Getting up and scanning the area YDM-6 ordered the still-sparking chassis of the magos and all the severed limbs to be retrieved. The squad quickly made their retreat alert for any new threats. They quickly made their way out of the refinery, broadcasting a recording of their encounter with the creatures and the tactics that failed and those that succeeded.

The fight for the Abersim system had begun.

Armigers in process for Kaiyune IV Forgeworld

2 Armigers in Progress
2 Armigers in Progress

All work done so far has been purely airbrush. The blues are Badger Minitaire Troll Hide Blue and Lagoon Blue. The white of the carapace is Daler Rowney White Ink. (Everybody is jumping on the Airbrushing Inks Bandwagon so why shouldn’t I too?) Besides I wanted to see if painting white with them was as marvelous as everyone says it is. It is. It really is. I’ve shied away from white armies in the past but now believe I can do one.

Skitari of Kaiyune IV

The Skitari of Kaiyune IV are extremely deadly.  Very little of the human is left in them.  The Alphas are the exception.  They are made from the most successful mercenaries that the tech priests of Kaiyune come across.

Skitari Alpha
Skitari Alpha

The Alphas are ruthless commanders, some have compared them to the Commisars of the Imperial Guard for the heedless way they send wave after wave of their skitari into a fight.


Deadly marksmen, or at least marks-once-men, the skitari of Kaiyune IV hammer their foes with a storm of long range firepower.

Their distinctive blue great coats cover a more traditional red armor plating.  Kaiyune IV has been out of touch with Mars for centuries but still follow her precepts.  At least, they claim to.


Mechanicum of Forgeworld Kaiyune IV

Forgeworld Kaiyune IV

Kaiyune IV is a space-faring forgeworld, at its center is a Mechanicum Ark ship.  Over the centuries it has been built and rebuilt.  Ships have been added to the original Ark, bolted and welded on so that the original Ark is barely visible.

The forge is reclusive.  While it appears to remain loyal to the Imperium and to Mars, contact with it is so rare that no one can know for sure where its loyalties lie.


Blue & white are the predominant colors of the forgeworld.  The techpriests still wear red on their shoulders in memory of far away Mars.

Arch Magos Tamos Sondon

The Arch Magos has not been seen in many years.  Occasionally static-riddled messages from deep within the Ark are received from him.  These messages in broken binaric encourage the techpriests to continue to build on the original ark.  To that end they have mined the system’s planets and asteroids of all metals and isotopes.  What the Arch Magos is doing in the Ark is a mystery.  He alone is allowed into it’s core.


Defensive Aggression

The forgeworld forces fight primarily to keep the forgeworld secret.  Ships that travel to the forgeworld are captured, ransacked and added to the bulk of the forgeworld.  The missing ships have not gone unnoticed by the Imperium at large but no one in the Imperium has taken any action.

There are also internal wars between the magos, some attempting to fill the void of Arch Magos Sondon’s absence.  Others for rank or to acquire coveted resources of other minor forges.  Still other forges fight merely to test new weapons and battle protocols.

Kastelan Robots
Kastelan Robots

The Future

It is unclear.  The Arch Magos is working to a plan.  But what that plan is no one but the Arch Magos knows.