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Skitarri Vanguard squad Xzel-Sht1

Lead by Alpha YDM-6 squad Xzel-Sht1 has been built and rebuilt dozens of times. Their battle engrams are extremely aggressive. Their aggressive nature often overriding the minimal self preservation protocols in the Skitarii cohorts of Kaiyune IV. YDM-6 always lead the squad closer to their foes to maximize the lethal effect of the yellow radium in their weapons.

The Catacombs of Abersim

A cohort of Skitarii including Xzel-Sht1 went to the Abersim system when tithes of heavy metals didn’t arrive at Kaiyune IV. The mines were busy. Workers went into the mines and heavy metals came out of the mines. The magos in charge of the cohort entered the refinery that separated the heavy metals from the less useful minerals and never exited it.

Threat protocols snapped into place and the cohort stormed the refinery. . A search for Magos Borl turned up nothing. YDM-6 ordered a full spectrum scan of the refinery. A faint binaric signal was picked up. It appeared to becoming from some distance below the refinery. A new search revealed a hidden panel in the floor. Opening it revealed controls that caused that section of the floor to sink rapidly beneath the refinery.

Beneath the refinery

As YDM-6 and Xzel-Sht1 sank deeper and deeper underground the faint binaric signal grew stronger. The floor stopped descending revealing a vast corridor. Strange Xenos constructs were disassembling the torso of Magos Borl.

Necron Wraiths

Xzel-Sht1 opened fire on the creatures, having little effect on them. YDM-6 changed tactics and ordered the squad to focus their fire on 1 of the creatures. Metal shards flew from the creature until it fell inert on the ground. The other 2 constructs turned from the sparking remnants of the Magos and flew at the Skitarii. Quickly the squad changed their target to the closest of the remaining monstrosities destroying it seconds before its flashing claws reached them.

The final creature crashed into the squad, it hacked an arm off the closest skitarri while another claw pierced the chest of another. YDM-6 stepped up, his power maul slamming repeatedly into the xenos construct or whirling to catch the deadly claws and keep them from the rest of the squad. YDM-6 swung his power maul up and pounded what he thought were the creatures eyes and then instantly dropped to the ground.

Within microseconds of slamming the creatures eyes and while he was still dropping to the ground the remaining squad members opened fire , dispatching the strange serpent like machine.


Getting up and scanning the area YDM-6 ordered the still-sparking chassis of the magos and all the severed limbs to be retrieved. The squad quickly made their retreat alert for any new threats. They quickly made their way out of the refinery, broadcasting a recording of their encounter with the creatures and the tactics that failed and those that succeeded.

The fight for the Abersim system had begun.

Necron Tesla Immortals

Necron Warriors and Immortals, the heart of a Necron Army

The Littles of the Necrons

Necron Warriors and Immortals are the nuts and bolts of any Necron arny.  They fill the all important Troops slot and are forces to be reckoned with.  Warriors are the most basic of Necrons.  With their limited intelligence and free will they go where they’re told and do what they’re told.  Which is usually, “Go there and kill those”.  Armed with Gauss flayers a squad of 10 can fire a good number of shots at any unit.  These semi-sentient automatons can be embarked upon Ghost Arks for rapid deployment.  Ghost Arks can be used as mobile bunkers adding additional firepower with their Gauss Flayer arrays while providing protection to the Warriors riding on them.

Necron Warriors
Necron Warriors

The Bigs of the Necrons

The Immortals are the Warriors ‘Big Brothers’, slightly bulkier, with a better armor save (3+ vs 4+) and armed with either a Gauss Blaster or Tesla Carbine Immortals are a threat to most foes.  They are footsloggers like Warriors, designed to advance implacably while laying down a torrent of fire.  Denied the ability to ride on Ghost Arks, Immortals have access to the deadly Night Scythe as a transport vehicle.  Being a flyer the Night Scythe can’t start on the board but with teleportation beams a Night Scythe can deliver a squad of Immortals where they need to be with great reliability.

Necron Tesla Immortals
Necron Tesla Immortals

Necron Gauss Immortals
Necron Gauss Immortals

The funsies

Both Immortals and Warriors are excellent objective holders.  Both benefit from Reanimation Protocols (or at least they did in 7th Edition, here’s hoping 8th keeps them as resilient).  Some of the most fun I’ve had with Warriors is having an opponent kill 3 or 4 of them only to have 2 or 3 stand back up!  This is particularly fun against psycher heavy armies since Necrons have virtually no psychic defense (or least they didn’t in 7th, here’s hoping blah blah blah)

Necron Overlord Djetari of the Leytek Dynasty


Before Djetari became a necron, he was a necrontyr of considerable skill.  While his tactical and strategic abilities were not the best his ability to inspire was superb.  He gathered a great host, more warriors and veterans than any other of the Leytek aristocracy.

Neron Overlord Djetari
Overlord Djetari of the Leytek Dynasty

He organized his hosts units he called ‘Centuries’.  A century consisted of 100 rank and file soldiers, 25 veterans armed with Gauss Blasters and 25 veterans armed with Tesla carbines and their associated vehicles.

Necrontyr to Necron

Djetari’s charisma was diminished during the transformation from flesh to living metal.  However the vast numbers of warriors and Immortals keyed to his control made up for the loss of his inspiring presence. Having hosts of undying soldiers at his command also made up for his lack of strategic skill.  He could afford to send wave after wave, rank after rank of warriors at his foes.  His Immortals could target key objectives while his warriors kept his enemies busy.


Roles of the Necron Canoptek Spyder

Necron Canoptek Spyder
Necron Canoptek Spyder

In the tomb

The necron canoptek spyders are the workhorses of the tomb world.  The spyders are monstrously strong with razor sharp pincers that cut through flesh, living metal and steel easily.  Hovering above the ground the spyders are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the tomb world’s technology.

They are capable of spawning scarabs, small scuttling mindless creatures that burrow through anything.  The scarabs break larger items down to smaller units that the spyders can handle more easily.  A small swarm of scarabs can destroy even the mightiest of the Imperium’s war machines in very short order.

In battle

Necron spyders move slowly so they tend to fill a defensive role.  Hanging in the back field spawning scarabs, sending them out in waves of destruction.  Foes that reach the spyder find themselves being crushed by spyder’s strength.  The living metal of the spyder’s body protects against all but the most devastating of weapons.  The spyders claws and pincers pierce and rend the toughest armor with ease.

Necron canoptek spyder
Necron canoptek spyder

Occasionally the spyder will mount short range weaponry that destroys metal and flesh by breaking down their molecular bonds.  Unfeeling and uncaring a necron spyder can cut a swathe through any foolish enough to attack it.

Necron Destroyer Lord Zerg

Necron Lord Zerg and his gun cohort Zig,Zag and Zug
Necron Lord Zerg and his gun cohort Zig,Zag and Zug


In his fleshlife the necron Destroyer Lord Zerg was a cruel, vicious member of the Necrontyr aristocracy.  Zerg had a tactical genius for swift strikes that inflicted great damage to his enemies.  He was justly feared  by other members of the Leytek Dynasty.  Few of the other lords of Leytek would openly oppose him.  Those that did would often find themselves falling to his fatal blade.  Short and extremely strong for a necrontyr, Zerg was quick to anger and take offense.

When the Silent King made his bargain with the C’tan to transform the Necrontyr into the Necrons, the Leytek Dynasty was just beginning to rise in prominence.  In them the Silent King saw a viable threat to himself and relocated the dynasty to the outer reaches of his domain.  Zerg took this removal to the hinterlands as a personal insult.  As a result a deep hatred and silent rage began to grow in psyche.  This rage festered during the long millenia that the Leytek tombworld slept.


Lord Zerg had arranged with the crypteks that he was to wake from the great sleep before the other lords.  Over the centuries his anger at the Silent King had grown and became less discriminate.  Anyone or anything that he even imagined slighted him became a target of his hatred.  Zerg forced the crypteks to remove his legs and fuse him to a destroyer skimmer.  The pain of that transformation shredded the last few strands of sanity he had left.

Necron Destroyer Lord Zerg
Necron Destroyer Lord Zerg

The Tomb World

While the necrons of the Leytek Dynasty slept deep in their tombs, the world that was theirs was discovered and laid claim to by other races of the galaxy.  The eldar Craftworld Krahlee saw an uninhabited world and nurtured it as a Maiden world.  They cultivated it and it was a garden world for the ship bound eldar to visit in times of peace.

After the human galaxy was torn asunder by the Horus Heresy, a small group fled the war torn Imperium and established a colony.   The colony grew slowly because they used little of the technology of the Imperium, fearful that either the savage forces of roaming chaos warbands or the heavy handed bureaucracy of the Imperium would notice its use.  When the eldar of Craftworld Krahlee took notice of the humans they attacked.  Faced with destruction by the eldar a distress signal was sent but it was too late.  The humans of Morgan’s Grief were slaughtered.  The Imperium arrived too late but found an agri-world and a righteous reason of vengeance to claim it.

The Tomb World Today

Zerg woke to find his home a playground for the hated eldar and infested by a race of primitives with powerful weapons and seemingly unending numbers.

He immediately instructed the crypteks to speed up the awakening of the Leytek but also to keep them hidden.  Zerg and his lieutenants began a series of quick raids killing eldar and human alike.  This temporarily satisfied their rage and lust for killing.  These raids also provided Zerg with much needed information on how the galaxy changed during their long sleep.

Necron Destroyers
Necron Destroyers

The Necrons would pounce on the unsuspecting interlopers of their world.  Zerg’s lieutenants zooming in first Gauss blasters thinning out the foe.  Zerg would then sweep in  swinging his Warscythe  and decimate the rest in a frenzy of hacks and slashes.