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Sector Mechanicus Table

Here are some shots of a Sector Mechanicus table I put together.  The idea of a table with lots of raised walkways has always fascinated me.  The release of the Sector Mechanicus kits gave me the tools  I needed to build such a table.

To be honest, at first I was just going to build a few pieces.  But the furnaces were so simple to build I found it soothing and soon I was buying ‘just one more kit’.

I hated scraping the mold lines off the platforms and walkways.  I had so many pieces, the very short walkway pieces, the long walkway pieces, the half circles, the angled walkways aka ‘all the platform and walkway pieces’.  Scraping the mold lines off the edges took forever and left me choking in plastic dust.  So I stopped doing it.  I admit it. I left the rather visible mold lines on the walkways and platforms.  I know it knocks me down on the ‘Hobbyist Scale’, like not drilling out bolter barrels.  But it’s scenery.  Terrain.  It’s meant to add character and atmosphere to the game, not take away from the armies fighting over it.

In my defense I’m going to use the ‘There is Quality in Quantity’ defense.  I had unwittingly acquired too many pieces.  Well, unwittingly is a cop out.  It’s not like I went to one of my local FLGS and thought I was buying a box of Eldar Guardians or Skitarii only to find out when I got home I had bought another Sector Mechanicus kit.  I knew what I was doing.  Sometimes I specifically looked for the Sector Mechanicus kits with lots of walkways or support trestles.

To Glue or Not to Glue

I glued some of the pieces together.  For example, I glued a few of the half circles together to form one piece and then glued them on top of the furnaces.  I also glued walkway pieces together to make longer, sturdier walkways.  I did not glue everything together of course.  Rubbermaid does not make a 4’x6’x 4′ storage tote (that I know of), and even if they did storing it would problematic.

The Avatar of Khaine Craftworld Biel-Tan

The Avatar of Khaine is the embodiment of the spirit of Khaine in a shell of molten metal.

Avatar of Khaine frontal
Avatar of Khaine

Khaine was the god of war of the Eldar.  In times of crisis, when a craftworld goes to war the spirit of Khaine is summoned and a towering construct of metal is imbued with Khaine’s rage.   The avatar stirs the spirit of war in the breasts of the craftworld’s citizens as they don their war masks as Guardians or one of the Aspect Warriors.

The fiery, blazing avatar towers over the Guardians and they become fearless in his vicinity.  Wielding the Wailing Doom, a fearsome weapon in the shape of a sword or a spear the Avatar stalks the battlefields of the 41st millenium destroying all foes it comes across.

The Citadel metal model of the Avatar is a fine sculpt but is showing its age.  Also, it hardly ‘towers over the battlefield’ anymore, being about the size of a plastic Wraith Blade.

On the table

Side View of Avatar
Side View of Avatar

A main role of the avatar is to provide a bubble of fearlessness to the units around him.  It’s prime role is to get into combat and start slaying the foe.  The great strength and high toughness make the avatar an excellent tool for taking out high value targets.  One must be careful against being tarpitted by lesser foes.

Back view of Avatar
Back view of Avatar

This model was painted with Citadel colors.  I tried some wet blending but became impatient and so the blending is not as smooth as intended.   The green hair and green gemstones are intended to show this is the Avatar for the craftworld Biel-Tan.  After applying the static grass and sand to the base I sealed it with Citadel Purity Seal.  Big mistake.  It frosted over horribly.

Avatar after Purity Seal
Avatar after Purity Seal

I applied a gloss coat and that reduced the frosting.

Necron Tesla Immortals

Necron Warriors and Immortals, the heart of a Necron Army

The Littles of the Necrons

Necron Warriors and Immortals are the nuts and bolts of any Necron arny.  They fill the all important Troops slot and are forces to be reckoned with.  Warriors are the most basic of Necrons.  With their limited intelligence and free will they go where they’re told and do what they’re told.  Which is usually, “Go there and kill those”.  Armed with Gauss flayers a squad of 10 can fire a good number of shots at any unit.  These semi-sentient automatons can be embarked upon Ghost Arks for rapid deployment.  Ghost Arks can be used as mobile bunkers adding additional firepower with their Gauss Flayer arrays while providing protection to the Warriors riding on them.

Necron Warriors
Necron Warriors

The Bigs of the Necrons

The Immortals are the Warriors ‘Big Brothers’, slightly bulkier, with a better armor save (3+ vs 4+) and armed with either a Gauss Blaster or Tesla Carbine Immortals are a threat to most foes.  They are footsloggers like Warriors, designed to advance implacably while laying down a torrent of fire.  Denied the ability to ride on Ghost Arks, Immortals have access to the deadly Night Scythe as a transport vehicle.  Being a flyer the Night Scythe can’t start on the board but with teleportation beams a Night Scythe can deliver a squad of Immortals where they need to be with great reliability.

Necron Tesla Immortals
Necron Tesla Immortals

Necron Gauss Immortals
Necron Gauss Immortals

The funsies

Both Immortals and Warriors are excellent objective holders.  Both benefit from Reanimation Protocols (or at least they did in 7th Edition, here’s hoping 8th keeps them as resilient).  Some of the most fun I’ve had with Warriors is having an opponent kill 3 or 4 of them only to have 2 or 3 stand back up!  This is particularly fun against psycher heavy armies since Necrons have virtually no psychic defense (or least they didn’t in 7th, here’s hoping blah blah blah)

Roles of the Necron Canoptek Spyder

Necron Canoptek Spyder
Necron Canoptek Spyder

In the tomb

The necron canoptek spyders are the workhorses of the tomb world.  The spyders are monstrously strong with razor sharp pincers that cut through flesh, living metal and steel easily.  Hovering above the ground the spyders are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the tomb world’s technology.

They are capable of spawning scarabs, small scuttling mindless creatures that burrow through anything.  The scarabs break larger items down to smaller units that the spyders can handle more easily.  A small swarm of scarabs can destroy even the mightiest of the Imperium’s war machines in very short order.

In battle

Necron spyders move slowly so they tend to fill a defensive role.  Hanging in the back field spawning scarabs, sending them out in waves of destruction.  Foes that reach the spyder find themselves being crushed by spyder’s strength.  The living metal of the spyder’s body protects against all but the most devastating of weapons.  The spyders claws and pincers pierce and rend the toughest armor with ease.

Necron canoptek spyder
Necron canoptek spyder

Occasionally the spyder will mount short range weaponry that destroys metal and flesh by breaking down their molecular bonds.  Unfeeling and uncaring a necron spyder can cut a swathe through any foolish enough to attack it.

Tyranid Gargoyles

I painted these  tyranid gargoyles primarily with my Patriot 150 airbrush.

I started with a white primer then airbrushed the blue using Citadel paints watered down 2 parts water to 1 part paint.

Tyranid Gargoyles

After the blue I airbrushed the edges, the carapace and the bones in the wings purple.

Tyranid Gargoyle

Finally I used a standard brush to paint the weapons bone, the teeth, tongue and eyes.

Biel Tan Vyper

Vyper was primed with  gray Stynylrez from Badger.  Then sprayed with Citadel Warpstone Glow watered down 1 part paint, 2 parts water.  Highlighted with Citadel Warboss Green also watered down 1 part paint , 2 parts water using Badger Patriot 105 airbrush.  Final highlight was Skarsnik Green applied with brush.

Vyper without thorns
Vyper without thorns

Starting 30K Emperor’s Children

I’m beginning a  pre-Heresy 30K Emperor’s Children army using the models in the Betrayal at Calth box.  Pre-Heresy meaning this is when the Emperor’s Children were still striving for perfection in all things and before they were corrupted.

I primed my models black then base coated with Naggoroth Night using my Badger Patriot 105 airbrush.

Base coated with Naggoroth Night


Zenithal highlighting

I did some Zenithal highlighting using Minitaire Snow White and a Sotar 20/20.

Xereus purple over Naggoroth Night