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Dire Avengers of the Shrine of the Shrieking Soul

The Dire Avengers of the Shrieking Soul Shrine have a long history with the  craftworld Biel-Tan.  Their exarch is one of the oldest of all the Dire Avenger shrines.  A master of warfare in times of crisis he leads his avengers in swift strikes. Uncannily striking the foe in their weakest spots.  These strikes cause the enemy’s commanders to change their battle plans to the benefit of the forces of Biel-Tan.

Shrine of the Shrieking Soul
Shrine of the Shrieking Soul

Soul Scream

The Shrieking Soul Shrine Dire Avengers work closely with Howling Banshees. They  thin an enemies ranks with their focused shuriken fire before the Banshees leap in.  The exarch wields the dire sword Soul Scream, given to the first exarch of the shrine by Asurman himself.  Through a millenia of battles it has been wielded by the exarch of the shrine.Its killing stroke decapitating the foe.  The soul gem on the sword is said to hold the soul of an exarch slain by Asurman for fleeing the battlefield and dishonoring his now cursed and forgotten shrine.

Dire Avengers
Dire Avengers

Small Strike Teams

For small strikes the exarch will take his 4 most trusted warriors in a Falcon that delivers them where they need to be.  The Falcon then provides covering fire.  After accomplishing their purpose they return to the Falcon and move on to their next target. The small strike teams never get bogged down in long, protracted fights.  These small teams strike behind the enemy’s lines, forcing the enemy commander to deal with them.

Large Strike Teams

For larger strikes the exarch will take a full squad and a Wave Serpent to deliver them where their firepower will provide the greatest benefit.  The larger squads have successfully held up rampaging Orc mobs and turned Tyranid swarms to where they could be decimated by other the forces of Biel-Tan.

The larger teams  hold a portion of the battlefield, denying the enemy a flanking maneuver or forcing the enemy to split his forces around the Dire Avengers.

Painting Dire Avengers

Primed Black
Primed Black with Vallejo black primer and Badger Patriot 105
with zenithal
Zenithal sprayed using Minitaire Skull White and Badger Patriot 105
Basecoated Lagoon Blue
Base coat of Minitaire Lagoon Blue using Badger Sotar
Citadel Celestra Grey brushed on
Citadel Celestra Grey brushed on, Citadel Nuln Oil brushed into recesses.  I used a fine detail brush to apply the Nuln Oil in the recesses of the torso.


Nuln Oil Wash
Nuln Oil Wash – here I used a wash brush and washed the entire model in Nuln Oil

I noticed that the Minitaire Lagoon Blue is kind of ‘slick’ in that the Nuln Oil seemed to slide off the raised portions easier than when washing a model painted with Citadel base or layer paints.