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Ironstrider Ballistarii arrive!

Ironstrider Ballistarii
Ironstrider Ballistarii

The Ironstriders of Forgeworld Kaiyune IV are fast and deadly in battle.  The servitors bound to the walker have the best spatial awareness of any servitor.  This allows them to move quickly across the battlefield regardless of obstacles.  

Armed with either a twin cognis autocannon or twin cognis lascannon the Ballistarii can roam the backfield and still hit most any opposing target.

Ironstrider Ballistarii
Ironstrider Ballistarii

I still need to add decals to this model to complete it.  Plus I like playing with MicroSol and MicroSet!  Looking at the photo I realize I can also add more shadow particularly in the leg pistons.

Painting Dire Avengers

Primed Black
Primed Black with Vallejo black primer and Badger Patriot 105

with zenithal
Zenithal sprayed using Minitaire Skull White and Badger Patriot 105

Basecoated Lagoon Blue
Base coat of Minitaire Lagoon Blue using Badger Sotar

Citadel Celestra Grey brushed on
Citadel Celestra Grey brushed on, Citadel Nuln Oil brushed into recesses.  I used a fine detail brush to apply the Nuln Oil in the recesses of the torso.


Nuln Oil Wash
Nuln Oil Wash – here I used a wash brush and washed the entire model in Nuln Oil

I noticed that the Minitaire Lagoon Blue is kind of ‘slick’ in that the Nuln Oil seemed to slide off the raised portions easier than when washing a model painted with Citadel base or layer paints.